Bars, cafeterias and restaurants


A complete range of products whose variety, preparation and quality will help you to satisfy the taste buds of your most demanding customers. In your cafeteria, variety and home-made products combine with traditional confectionery adapted to the most demanding tastes.

From breakfasts and lunches, to brunches and snacks, our wide range of quality products is guaranteed to give you moments of culinary delight.


Quality confectionery, bread and new products can be made to measure, combining our passion for what we do with the added value of traditional craftsmanship so you can give your customers what they deserve.

Carefully prepared dough and a wide variety of quality ingredients  provide you with the best daily bread possible.

A wide range of beautiful breakfasts, delicious snacks and home-made brioche-style coca pastries. Just select what you need and be guaranteed to put yourself a cut above the rest.