Grupo Atrian has formed the company, Bajo Cero by Castellana, with headquarters in Zaragoza, a move to expand its commercial activities in Aragon.

Atrian embarks on this new commercial project along with the fresh baked-goods manufacturer and frozen dough distributor, Panificadora Castellana. Panificadora Castellana has a minority stake in the new company and contributes its regional frozen dough goodwill to said company.

In the same line, Bajo Cero by Castellana has also completed the acquisition of the frozen dough goodwill of frozen confectionary manufacturer, Pastesana, with headquarters and production facilities in Pla-Za (Zaragoza). Pastesana had already been distributing the production of the Catalan company in its area of influence, in addition to other complementary brands.

Both goodwills represent a significant penetration into the food service channel which complements Grupo Atrian activity in the food and traditional bakery sector, in line with its business at the national level. Bajo Cero by Castellana “is born to be the distributor of reference in its territory”, and is already contemplating the integration of new Aragonese distributors “in the near future”. The business structure that the company forms to date would generate a yearly turnover of about 1.8 millions Euro, and their business plan contemplates a double-digit growth in the next three years.

With this initiative, it is the intention of the group to replicate their business implementation model in the Basque Country or Asturias, where they operate together with local companies such as the like of Euskopan 2002 based in Larrabetzu (Biscay), and Fripastur with headquarters in Gijón (Asturias).