To properly bake the product, always preheat the oven at the suitable temperature ranging between 180ºC and 200ºC depending on the product to be baked.

Once the oven reaches the indicated temperature, quickly introduce the product to prevent temperature drop in the oven.

Following the instructions on the product catalog, set the suitable time and temperature. However, the time and temperature can be modified slightly by professional individual according to their preference and depending on the result to be achieved.

In this case, bear in mind that:

If the baking time is shorter than that recommended, the product may be raw inside.

If the baking time is longer that recommended, the product may dry out and crack.

Temperature is also an important point to take into account because if the product is baked at a temperature lower than that recommended, it will have a faint color, a little consistency, and a dry center. It will also take longer to bake.

At higher temperature the product will bake too quickly where it will turn very dark but remain raw inside.