For proper thawing of the product, it is recommended to first place the product on trays that will be used for baking.

Use perforated trays for bread and non-perforated trays for pastry. This should be done with the product frozen for ease of handling.

Thaw at room temperature in a protected place, leaving a space between products so that air can circulate and the products can also be prevented from sticking together given that their volume will increase once in the oven.

For optimal result, always observe the thawing times indicated for every product.

What happens when the thawing time is ignored?

Products that are thawed for a shorter time than that indicated will undergo thermal shock when introduced in the oven due to the drastic change of temperature. This leads to a less crispy finished product that is raw inside and can even cause deformation or breakage.

Products that are thawed for too long will have an increased volume. However, in the case of pastry, it will also lose its flavor due to excessive fat and sugar loss. The center will have a non-flaky texture. In the case of bread, it will dry out and cuts will appear on the crust.

Instant Range

Our instant bread and pastry range offers simple thaw and serve products. Most of the products only require a 30-minute thawing time to achieve a high quality result, saving time and energy.