In Atrian Bakers, we work pain stakingly to develop new products based on a constant monitoring of the consumer market and consumer consumption trends.

The evident growth of ready-to-eat finished products has led us to focus our effort on increasing the instant pastry range. At the end of last year, we put on the market the custard cream and cocoa cream varieties of Croissants B-Ready. These products are thaw & serve products which are sold already baked and decorated, making them very easy and practical for our customers.

Our latest product launch presentation in a Alimentaria Trade Show saw the strong presence of ATRIAN on-the-go snack products including lattices with fillings inspired by Italian cooking such as pizza and carbonara, and Clean Label rolls, i.e., Mini Malt Nature and Mini Soy Nature, which go perfectly with any meal or is ideal for making delicious amuse-bouche. Above all, we focused on the concept of indulgence, an undeniable driving force behind the purchase of sweet pastries.

The44-gram Mini Maple Pecan and Hotel-grade Cross Nature, a 40-gram butter and cereal croissant made under Clean Label recipe, are designed mainly for hotel industry. We also expand our range of OK doughnuts by offering Pink whose top half is decorated with a pink, strawberry-flavored coating and finished with white sprinkles, OK Chunky Choc whose top half is coated with cocoa and chocolate chunks, and OK Mix White&Cocoa whose top-half features a white coating with chocolate streaks and a cocoa cream filling with a touch of hazelnuts.

However, the success of this new campaign lies mainly in the Mini Croissant Cocoa Select, a small 38-gram butter delicacy. It has a special and very striking appearance, acquiring a dark hue thanks to the cocoa added in the dough. What makes it even more appetizing is, however, its milky cocoa cream filling with hints of hazelnuts, a sweet pleasure for all chocolate lovers.

Gearing for the festival season, we presented in May the new Naked Cakes which are two-tier cakes made with natural ingredients in very refreshing flavors such as carrot, pineapple, caramel and lemon.

In the fine pastry range, we also introduce Artisan Truffles which are made one by one with very high quality ingredients. These square-shaped truffles are covered with cocoa powder and make the perfect dessert.