Current Highlights

The Current Highlights section is a tool for easy access to all our latest information, updates, events, and news on nutrition, health, and innovation.

Through this section, we seek to provide a platform to better explain our production processes and the continuous improvements we make on ATRIAN products. Moreover, we also hope for you to be a part of this process.


A campaign full of news. New proposals, sweet and salty but above all very tasty and come to delight all our customers.

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The selection now includes 6 new varieties of breads that are perfect for any time of the day.

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Atrian Bakers paying back to the society

We contribute our bit every month to make the afternoons sweeter for groups of people with few resources…

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The evident growth of ready-to-eat finished products has led us to focus our effort on increasing the instant pastry range…

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Grupo Atrian forms Bajo Cero by Castellana

Atrian embarks on this new commercial project along with the fresh baked-goods manufacturer and frozen dough distributor, Panificadora Castellana

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