A season filled with all things new

Our customers can now take pleasure of our new sweet and savory offering that is, above all, to the delight of all of our customers.

In Atrian Bakers, we are expanding our catalog with interesting new creations so that you too can offer a wider selection of delicacies which helps to foster an even greater customer loyalty and improve profitability.

Discover the new products and complement your entire range.

Our new catalog offers a wide range mini products. Mini Pain Choc, an authentic French delicacy made with two strips of cocoa cream and butter. The tiniest of the Nature range, Mini Cross Nature, a 28-gram mini croissant. made with butter using Clean Label recipe. It includes a mixture of flour and seeds giving it an irresistible flavor and exhibits a crispy texture providing contrast against its slightly flaky center.

Mini Ingots made with crispy and flaky Danish puff pastry, light specialties that are gone in 2 bites. The more classic variety, Mini Cocoa Ingot, filled with cocoa cream with a touch of hazelnuts and the new fruity selection of Mini Fruits Ingots with raspberry and apricot jam, a fresh and sweet touch that are great for any time.

Mini Snacks Assortment, the best bite to eat. It includes two mini delicacies made with Danish dough that has already been brushed with egg, so you will only have to thaw and bake them. Mini Boletus Lattice: Peek through its trellises to see its bechamel-based filling with a mix of boletus; and Mini Vegetables  Gaucha: a folded pasty with several cuts made on its surface to allow seeing its bechamel-based filling with chunks of red pepper, green pepper, and onion.

This catalog introduces two varieties of a brand new pastry, the Danish Plaits. These sweet 125-gram, rectangular treats made with Danish dough and margarine are a real delight with their braided top and small openings revealing their creamy center.

For classical lovers, a Cocoa Plait filled with cocoa cream with a touch of hazelnuts never fails.

Forthemore daring, a Apple Plait with its novel baked apple jam filling will call to mind an authentic tarte Tatin.

We also expanding our offering with the new Croissant B-Ready! K-Bueno which conceals a spectacular filling inside. This product is from the thaw & serve ranges old fully baked and filled with a generous amount of white hazelnut cream. This mouth-watering offering is decorated with bicolor chocolate pearls.

Following the success of Tuna Mini Pie and Chicken Mini Pie, two more new varieties will now be launched. Bolognese Mini Pie, made with authentic scalded dough and olive oil are filled with pork, tomato, onion, BBQ sauce and spices to make them tastier and crispier. Bacon Mini Pie, a classic made with fried bacon, bechamel cream, cheese and oregano.

This catalog also presents the new range of Burgers forming The Royal Burgers which include round rolls especially made with sweet potato that brings a light sweetness to the dough. These two varieties, Royal Classic Burger and Royal Burger Multicereales, will be the perfect complement to your burgers from now on.

Pain Sublime, our new range of breads will bring your business to a new height as serving bread of quality has been this easy and quick. Rustic breads with a soft, slightly pillowy, and very spongy crumb that provides a great contrast against its crispy crust decorated with semolina and a pronounced grigne.

Breads from this range will be supplied over 90% baked, so with only 5 minutes in the oven, bread that stays crispy for hours will be within your reach. This range reduces up to 75% conventional baking times.

Medium Rustic Sublime weighing 110grams, Rustic Sublime weighing 245grams and Rustic Loaf Sublime weighing 255grams.

The best selection of ready-made pastry doughs in a 2.2 kg multi-portion format and 3 varieties, i.e., Carrot&Cream Cheese Premium Layered Cake, Yogurt&Strawberry Premium and Apple&Crumble Premium. Maximize profitability by selling them according to the desired size and weight.