Atrian Bakers launched at the end of November a campaign designed for bread fanatics.

The selection now includes 6 new varieties of breads that are perfect for any time of the day.

Specialties that awaken the sense of taste and smell, and certainly the sight, these 100% natural breads made from sourdough are very crispy and pillowy and have pieces of ingredients scattered throughout the dough, or no, as each and every one of the breads is special in itself.


Two flavorful varieties of 85-gram thin flute baguettes with black olives and onion, providing the sandwich a unique taste. A rustic bread with very pronounced pointed tips. The best breakfast option.

Multiseed roll, a rustic diamond-shaped roll made with no additives, is a 100% natural Clean Label product. Made with wheat, rye and malt flour covered with sunflower, flax and sesame seeds.


Cristalia Ancien, a spectacular 75cm long bread with extremely thin and crispy crust that will not leave anyone feeling indifferent. It has an irregular appearance due to the large air pockets formed there in.

The new Ancien Glass Sandwich weighing 100grams and Ancien Glass Roll weighing 50grams made with sourdough. They have a rectangular shape, a light crust and a very pillowy crumb due to the very high moisture contentused in the production process. The olive oil added to the recipe gives them their special flavor. They do not require baking, simply pop them into a toaster for 3 minutes and serve.